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electronic CAO for Mac OS computers


electronic CAO for Mac OS computers

EPOXY is a software which creates PCB, and allows to create your electronic cards from elementary tools and customable objects library. In order to create typons with EPOXY, it is not necessary to have 20 years of studies in using the software

Epoxy was a finalist at "Les Trophées MacGénération" in the "Best programs of the year 2005" category.

Epoxy is a freware since 2006 but I like postcard and encouragement ;-) If you like Epoxy, just say it to me !


This page is only in english but the programm is in many languages :

Epoxy 3.x :
Epoxy 4.x :

What's new ?

September 2010 :

You can donwload le sourcecode here ! This is the next release, but there are some problems. You may send me the programm if you modifiy it.

january 2010 :

Because no time, because I'm changing, perhaps I will stop to develop the program. If you use it and would I continue, please send me an email. If you can help the project to continue (if you can program…), so tell me.

october 2009 :

I work for next release, it will be 4.2a :
I'm working to make a "devices window" which displays the list of the used components. You can see a screenshot with a HC4511 selected after clic in Devices window (named Document Elements). A double-clic can open properties window of component. You can sort the devices by Value, Ref, Case, or anythink you want, because you can define the list of targets properties in preference file. Of course you will need properly fill in all your components.

This evolution will introduce advanced search with a result list.

You will can cut/copy/paste/delete the row of the devices properties in Properties Window. And you will can make that for several lines… So you will can make goods properties for the Part List and the new Document Elements Window

I want also make a script-based exportation modul, to replace Gerber RS274X exportation and to let to you make of another scripts :o)

Please send me your bug report ! I can't see all problems and perhaps you are embarrassed by an abnormal operation or bug. So send me a mail ! I've repair 7 bugs for next release Epoxy 4.2 !

Send an email if you would a forum to exchange documents with another users. I can open forum in english, in french, in italian…

I'm writing french documentation. Lot of news stuff want a good english translation. If you want translate the documentation, send me an email !

september 2009 :

Epoxy 4.1a is avaible !

I changed my mail (iFrance --> GMail) because I had many problems with the iFrance mail. I don't receive many mails in mailbox. If you have send me a mail and I didn't send you an answer, you can re-try now !

This page is only in english, because I can't translate the page into many languages. I'm very bad in english (but I look after myself) and you can help me !

Now Epoxy is magnetized ! When you draw lines or roads, Epoxy search for a near pad or link…

The program is in english or french, but the documentation is in french only. I search for a good translator to make a english documentation from french documentation. The documentation is made with Dreamweaver. Just drag the downloaded folder in you language folder in Epoxy Data folder.

Older News :

In 2007 I had make somes tests on Window XP … but it's not ready ! I search for someone to make the port of Epoxy for Linux and Window.

Epoxy 4 sous Windows


  • This is a 2 in 1 soft : you create the electric scheme and PCB at the same time.
  • It's easy to understand : All documents are created with single EPOXY format document : Components, Pins, scheme and PCB !
  • Customable : It's very effortless to add, create, modify component, customized pins, or objects for EPOXY.
  • EPOXY has got a beautiful screen interface, to stop familiar austerity in electronic programs !
  • EPOXY is infinitely multilibrary and multilayer, or almost !
  • EPOXY can work in inch systeme.
  • Export to RS274X (GERBER) format.


Global view of Epoxy 3.x

Global view of Epoxy 4.x

A preview before inserting a component

Edit a component without migraine :-)

The open document small window

EPOXY use your custom pin like a modelling clay !

A complete contextual menu !

You can interlink as many electric potentials as you want.

The "quick to use" library window

It's possible to open several library windows

You can search text or electric potential…

… and find all connected objects in a wink… hum … sorry… in a double-click :-)

A small window to help you (of course in english if you choose english language! )

The shorted-circuit roads are displayed in red in a palette window, and the not finished roads in green, what do you want more ?!

Computer Requirements

Download Epoxy

PowerPC Mac OS 8.1 to 9.2.2
release of 2003
PowerPC Mac OS X G3 / G4 / G5
release of 2005, march
Universal Binary MacIntel & PPC Mac OS X
septembre 2009
Macintosh Classic Version :
- Mac OS 8.1
- 5 MO of Ram minimum
- 6 MO on hard disk
- 640*480 screen 256 colors
- And … a good printer !
Macintosh OS X (Carbon) Version
- Mac OS X.1 or +
- A little bit of RAM.
- 6 MO on hard disk
- 640*480 screen
- And … a good printer !

All MacIntel, IMac, PowerBook etc with Intel, G4, G5 processor

Epoxy 3.2.0 classic
Epoxy 3.3.3 carbon Epoxy 4.1a UB

Notes Importantes :

  • Epoxy 4.x CAN read Epoxy 3 files, but Epoxy 3.x CAN'T read Epoxy 4.
  • If you have and Epoxy 4b0 or 4b1, please download the 4.1a release. This is not a beta release.
  • If Epoxy can't start after you have move the folder, just push "alt" key and double-clic on Epoxy… the pref will be ignored.


  • With Epoxy 4.1, the documentation is available from help menu and in HTML format (Safari) … in French (see below)
  • For Epoxy 3.x, the documents are Acrobats Reader formats :
Deutsch docs/tutorial_3.2_de.pdf noch nicht verfügbar
English tutorial_3.2_gb.pdf manual_3.2_gb.pdf
Español tutoriel_3.2_sp.pdf manual_3.2_sp.pdf
Français didacticiel_3.2_fr.pdf manuel_3.2_fr.pdf

Translate Epoxy

If you dominate a language in which Epoxy is not translated, you can translate the program even if you don't know anything about programmation.

If you think see I'm very bad in english, you can help me to make good documents…

If you can translate the documentation from french to english, so tell me !

Contact me

Some links…

MacBruSoft : l'électronique francophone sur Mac
MacTronique le forum francophone de l'électronique sur Mac
Electronics Optimizer : optimization and design of electronic circuits
RealCadd : Macanical CAO for Mac & Win & Linux made with RealBasic

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